Please do not hesitate to contact us for any
additional information. We will be
pleased to welcome you to our home!

+ - Do we have to book before going to the vineyard?

No reservation is required to come to the vineyard. Simply check our opening hours before your arrival.


* Reservation required for groups of 10 people and more *

+ - Do you do events?

We do not do any wedding event / ceremony / reception, nor room rental.

+ - Do we have to book for a group?

In order to offer the best possible experience to our customers, groups of 10 people and more are requested to contact us in advance before coming to the vineyard. We reserve the right to refuse any group or bus that has not made the necessary arrangements with us beforehand.


Send us a request by email:

Drop us a line: (+1) 418-828-9554

+ - Where can we buy your wine?

Directly at the vineyard, according to our opening hours.

On our website, in our online store.

For all other points of sale (groceries & SAQ), see below.

+ - Are dogs accepted?

Yes, no problem if your dog is quiet and on a leash.

Boutique extérieur


* Our store will open on May 22, 2021 *

* Opening hours & schedule for the
season are coming.
* Our wines will be available again at t
he reopening of our shop.